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BOP System BOP System

Runh Power has the core capability and competency as a preferred, trusted and reliable partner in the construction of power plants in the domains of power sector.

Runh Power offers start-to-end balance of plant equipment, materials and solutions, such as coal and ash handling system, water treatment system, cooling water system, air-conditioning and ventilation system, fire protection system, cooling tower, civil work and service, etc.

Runh Power has the capabilities of complete system integration of power plant, detailed power plant engineering with the various auxiliaries and equipment in the BOP Package.

Mechanical Package

Water Treatment System

■ Circulating Water System ■ Make-up Water System ■ Chemical Water System

Fuel/Material Handling System

■ Ash Handling System ■ Fuel Handling System ■ Slag Handling System ■ Compressed Air System

Electrical & C&L Package

■ Plant Electrical Systems, Switchyards, Generators & Station ■ Transformers ■ Lighting Systems

■ Plant Communication Systems ■ Earthing and Lighting Protection

■ Complete C&I System including SCADA

Civil Works

■ Soil Investigation ■ Complete Civil Design and Engineering ■ Foundation for Turbine, Boiler , and Condenser

■ TG Building, Equipment Foundations and Plant Buildings ■ Cooling Towers, Chimneys ■ Reservoirs and Intake Systems

■ Plant Civil Works, Roads, Trenches, etc. ■ Sewage Disposal System

Other Project