High-efficiency steam turbine island

High-efficiency steam turbine island

Concept of High-efficiency steam turbine island

Concept of High-efficiency steam turbine island

A steam turbine generator (STG) island means the turbine hall and all equipment & systems inside the hall.

High-efficiency STG island is an improved type of project by optimizing design, upgrading configuration and selecting high efficient equipment, including steam turbine generator proper, auxiliary systems, foundations, and turbine hall structure.

Features and Advantages of high-efficiency STG island

Features and Advantages of high-efficiency STG island

  • 3D design

    Adopting up-to-date 3D design, to optimize STG island process and architecture design

  • High efficient STG and auxiliaries

    6-9% of plant efficiency improvement can be reached by using high efficient STG and auxiliaries, compared with other equipment in market in the same capacity.

  • Skid type of STG

    50% of erection time is saved by adopting skid type of STG

  • Lower construction BOQ

    10% saving in consumptions of concrete, rebar and steel structures;
    2 months being saved on project schedule;

  • Longer maintenance period

    The steam turbine doesn’t necessary to be opened for 10 years, by adopting the best equipment and by our professional erection technicians.

  • High automation level

    The instrumentation and control system can be customized to reach very high automation level, saving manpower and increasing operation realiability.

Typical Reference

Typical Reference


Application industryCement plant self-provided power plant
steam turbineManufacturerSiemens
Unit typePure condensing air cooling unit
ArrangementSingle-layer arrangement, axial exhaust

Basic parameters

Rated output:16MW

Inlet steam pressure:8.5MPa

Inlet steam temperature:495℃

Exhaust pressure:15KPa


Heat consumption:2467kcal/kw
steam consumption:4.196kg/kw



Basic parameters

Rated power:16MW         

Rated voltage:11KV

power factor:0.85         

cooling method:air cooling