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Biomass/Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

Biomass/Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

We formed strategic partnership with B & W Vølund (BWV), one of the best biomass and waste-to-energy solutions providers, which has made Runh Power a leader in renewable energy field.


1. Renewability: Bioenergy holds special appeal because it is renewable - simply by growing agricultural crops.

2. Carbon neutrality: The CO2 that the facility will release would have been produced as the plants and tress naturally decomposed in the forest without the benefit of electricity production.

3. Significant economic benefit: One 10 MW biomass power project can create approximate employment for 100 workers during the 18 month construction phase, 25 full-time workers employed in the operation of the facility, and 35 persons in the collection, processing, and transportation of biomass material.

Why choose us?

Introduction of world's most advanced water cooled vibrating grate technology;

Lower costs through procurement of equipment at global level;

State-of-the art technology;

Flexible and adaptable technical solutions;

High quality solutions at an attractive price;

Qualified and experienced employees.

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