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Coal-Fired Power Plant

Coal-Fired Power Plant

The largest share of power plant in global market

Coal-fired power stations represent the largest share of the global power generation market. This is because their fuel, coal, is abundant and relatively inexpensive. They can be designed for very high electric output.

We have served our customers as the contractor of choice for a wide variety of coal-fired power generation and process steam facilities for nearly 20 years. These facilities have provided highly reliable and cost-efficient energy throughout the world, covering all aspects of pulverized coal as well as fluidized bed combustion plant designs.

Various forms of cooperation

1, Consulting service: Project consultancy

2, EPC service for power plant: Contracting power plant project(EPC)service

3, EPC service for BTG Package: For the core BTG, providing EPC service.

Runh Power has participated in many coal-fired power station projects around the world, providing a comprehensive engineering package in most flexible ways, such as EPC, STG, BTG, and so on. Our projects spread over America, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, etc.

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