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Combined Cycle Power Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

A combined cycle power plant recovers heat from the gas turbine’s exhaust and uses the heat to produce steam in a heat recovery generator. The steam is then used to generate electricity.

We work with all major suppliers of gas and steam turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator(HRSG), such as GE and Siemens. We have achieved a consistent track record of routinely delivering reliable gas turbine projects on time and at a competitive price.


1. High efficiency: The efficiency can be up to 60%.

2. Environmental compatibility: Modern combustion engineering also means that the emission of exhaust gases can be controlled and minimized. Compared with all other conventional thermal plants, like coal-fired power plants, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide emissions are very low when plants are fired with natural gas.

3. Low installation cost: Combined cycle equipment is pre-engineered and factory-packaged to minimize installation time and costs.

4. Fuel flexibility: Combined cycle plants operate efficiently by burning a wide range of fuels ,ranging from clean natural gas and distillate oil fuels to ash bearing crude oil and residual oil fuels. Operation with coal-derived gas fuels has been applied in many commercial-size combined cycle systems.

5. Rapid start-up: Its operational flexibility allows rapid start-up, minimal shut-down times, and fast and efficient adjustment to varying load demands.

6. Short construction period: The very powerful gas turbine allows for a compact power plant, which minimizes the construction time to around just two-and-a-half years.

7. Less staff and space requirement: Gas-fired combined-cycle power plants are often built on a modular basis, being composed of several different units. Each unit is practically a self-contained power plant that can be operated independently of the others, which requires comparatively fewer staff.

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