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Waste Heat Power Plant

Waste Heat Power Plant

Waste heat technology is to convert the waste heat generated during production into power, which is not only energy-saving, but also environment-friendly. Runh Power is engaged in medium and low temperature gas waste heat generation for cement, glass, steel, metallurgy and other industries, and it’s one of the leaders in waste heat recovery field in China.

Waste-heat recovery technology provides numerous benefits to industry, including:

1. Reduces energy costs: All recovered waste heat directly replaces purchased energy, thereby reducing energy costs;

2. Reduces capital equipment costs: Reuse of waste heat allows for the use of energy conversion equipments with smaller capacity, often resulting in saving in capital expenditures which can offset the cost of heat recovery system;

3. Reduces operating costs: Since waste heat recovery technology reduces energy costs and often also reduces capital costs, it reduces operating costs;

4. Reduces environmental impact: Because all recovered waste heat directly replaces purchased energy, it also reduces the environmental impact on air and water;

5. Reduces GHG emissions: Industrial waste heat recovery reduces GHG emissions associated with industrial production;

6. May reduce air emission treatment costs: The cost of treatment of air pollutants may be significantly reduced by waste-heat recovery from exhaust gases in those facilities that reply on incinerators to decompose gaseous or vaporous air pollutants;

7. May improve product quality: The use of heat pumps for lumber drying typically can provide dried lumber with better quality and higher yields

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