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The grand blueprint Gathers People and forge ahead at the right time -- Pre-service training for new employees (Phase 1)

Mar 31, 2023


  In order to let new employees understand the company's development process and cultural heritage as soon as possible, get familiar with the working environment, and feel the company's care and attention, Runh Power

carefully prepared pre-entry training for new employees on March 31.

Heads of relevant departments and business directors of the Company conducted centralized training for new employees, explaining them from various aspects such as corporate introduction, corporate culture, management system and business introduction. Vivid, detailed and professional analysis not only enables new employees to deepen their understanding of the company, clarify their future work goals, but also enables them to find the power and direction of future progress, realize the role change from campus to workplace as soon as possible, and integrate into the working environment and adapt to the work position more quickly.

The new employees said, "Thank you for the carefully prepared training courses for us. In the future work, they will integrate into the project as soon as possible, adapt to the project, be serious and responsible, have the courage to contribute to the development and growth of the company.

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