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【Global Footprints, Brilliant Performance】- Runh Power Attacks on Internationally Exhibitions, Leading Industry Trends

Jun 13, 2024

 With the robust recovery of the global market, Runh Power Corp., LTD(Hereafter Runh) is maximizing its outstanding products and services to cross three continents, showcasing its strength and innovation on the international stage for three consecutive months. In the first half of this year, our marketing team would sequentially participate in major power industry exhibitions in Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Mexico according to the publicity plan, joining hands with partners and industry peers from around the world to celebrate shared achievements and explore the vast potential of the global market together.

April: The 28th Turkey International Exhibition - The First Stop of the Global Journey

  Runh's global expedition commences in the historic Turkey, where in April, our marketing team participated in the Turkey Power & Energy Exhib ition. During the event, Runh's booth drew significant attention from a multitude of professional visitors who exhibited keen interest in our products and technologies. Through on-site interactions, clients expressed high praise for Runh's achievements and capabilities in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracting services for power plants. Utilizing Turkey as a gateway, Runh aims to broaden footprint across the Eurasian market. We have been anticipating engaging with visitors from all corners of the globe, jointly exploring industry trends, and unearthing cooperation opportunities.

May: The 17th Uzbekistan Power Energy Exhibition - Deepening in the Central Asian Market

  Following in May, Runh's journey continues to the heart of Central Asia Uzbekistan. Capitalizing on the country's core positioning within the Belt and Road Initiative, we will leverage the platform of the Uzbekistan International Exhibition to demonstrate our profound understanding of the Central Asian market and present tailored solutions. This exhibition serves not only as a showcase for the prowess of our products, but also as a pivotal opportunity for reinforcing regional cooperation and expanding our market territory.

June: The 27th Mexico Power Exhibition - Igniting Passion in the Americas

  June culminates with a grand finale on the American continent, as Runh's US branch marketing team will participate in the Mexico Power Exhibition. Here, Runh will engage in face-to-face exchanges with industry peers from across the Americas and the world. Armed with a suite of innovative products and collaboration proposals, Runh aims to leverage this Mexican exhibition as an opportunity to deepen penetration in the American market, facilitate cross-border cooperation, and inject fresh momentum into global business strategy.

Walking Together, Creating Brilliance

  Runh's consecutive participation in these exhibitions not only manifests our confidence in and commitment to the global power market, but also stands as a testament to our ongoing innovation and pursuit of excellence. Among the tide of globalization,Runh consistently embraces an open mindset and forward-looking vision, continually pushing the boundaries of international cooperation. Each exhibition serves as a window through which Runh engage in dialogue with the world, and every display reinforces Runhs dedication to superior quality.

  Let us unite on the global stage, marching forward hand in hand, to create brilliance together!


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